Your bright future is our mission!!

Our Hall of Residence is a culturally vibrant and stimulating environment!

1 The safety of our guests comes first.
2 Hours: freedom and responsibility.
3 We create networks of people.

Our values


We firmly believe that the community spirit cultivated within the walls of our halls of residence gives life to long-lasting friendships and professional bonds across space and time.


It is our wish that the life experience in the Hall of Residence becomes a source of human and Christian maturity, cultural and civic learning and greater responsibility.


We see the university hall of residence as a culturally vibrant and stimulating environment that helps students become active players in the acquisition of knowledge.

Our Educational Plan

Our Educational Plan follows the guidelines of our work in the Halls of Residence for students, educators (directors, spiritual advisers and tutors) and workers, each to the extent of their skills and duties.

The building

The residence was completely renovated in 2020 becoming a male university student residence.

The educational accompaniment of young people is conducted by the Santa Maria del Rosario Parish in synergy with oratory groups and diocesan bodies. The Parish undertakes a new educational mission, fostering cultural and formative growth experiences for young people: once a month, a meeting is organized with qualified figures from the city’s socio-cultural and religious scene.

Young people are offered the opportunity to participate in voluntary work within the Christian community,
the oratorian sector and sport (CSR). The choice is to invest in young people also as a Christian community,
welcoming and accompanying them in the growth of their intelligence and conscience.

In the oratory near the residence and the flats there is a football, volleyball and basketball court, a bar with
table tennis and foosball tables, and a chapel.
The administrative management of the Residence is taken over by the ‘La Vincenziana’ Foundation.

Cosa dicono i nostri studenti!

Santa Maria del Rosario University Residence

Residence: via Bergognone, 8 - 20144 Milano
Apartments: via Solari, 22 - 20144 Milano

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The most common questions we are asked

The residences close at midnight but it is possible to return after that time. The management reserves the right to check evening return times in order to assess a balanced distribution of time for study, community life, entertainment and rest.

Yes, but after 10.30 p.m. there must be no people present outside the residences and guests must only stay in the common areas, they may not enter the rooms.

Yes, we will do one a month and it will be preparatory to the contract renewal.